Marble Empire™: Architect Bundle

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Inspire Your Kids' Creativity, and Boost Cognitive Growth With These
Colorful Blocks of Joy!

Marble Empire™ is an ORIGINAL kids' favorite! It combines the imaginative fun of construction play while boosting cognitive and motor skills!

Let their imaginations run wild on the building pieces as they not only choose what they will play (with), but also how to play and which tools they will use during their playtime. It gives a sense of empowerment when your little one has control over their imagination and ingenuity.

Developmental Toy of the Year!
Marble Empire™ Features:
  • Sense of Ownership - They are the creator of their EMPIRE! Nothing beats having this sense of achievement seeing from building blocks to end results. 
  • A developmental toy that not only teaches your child about shape recognition, but also expands their imagination.
  • Construction play also helps with building hand-eye coordination and positive social skills!
  • Over 100+ pieces for infinite possibilities and hours of non-stop fun!
  • Encourage family bonding - laugh, build, and create unforgettable moments of working on projects together with your kids. Forge awesome bond and get closer with them!
  • Kids-safe + Environmentally friendly materials to ensure quality and endless fun!
  • Colorful and Attractive guaranteed to keep your little ones happy and amazed

Marble Empire™ is an indispensable part of your child’s toy collection! It fits their little hands perfectly and combines fun while promoting healthy child developments. Marble Empire™ doesn’t just help your child to grow, it grows with them! 

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Suitable for any child 3 years and above.

Each Package includes:

- 56 / 148 / 296 Kids-safe building blocks
- FREE INSPIRATION BOOKLET to inspire a love for STEM, plus building guides to start their empire building journey!