Fidget Pop™ - Extra Popping, Unlimited Bubble-Wrap Popping Fun!

$19.95 $39.90
Color: Purple

Introducing Fidget Pop™ - The best-selling sensory play for kids to help them:

- Develop fine and gross motor skills
- Engage their 5 senses
- Improve hand-eye coordination 
- Relieve tensions and calm down, especially before tantrums
- Stimulate the use of smaller muscles such as finger strength for grasp 

Love popping bubble wraps? Here's one that you can pop and re-pop forever and never have to toss it! Fidget Pops are as addictive as they are fun and satisfyingly silly.

It's easy to see how tots, kids and parents love Fidget Pops so much. Pop it alone or with your friends! You can even play a brain game with them:

This game needs two players - decide who starts by playing rock, paper, scissors. The first player chooses a row and pops as many bubbles as they want — then the second player does the same. Keep taking turns until one of you have to pop the last bubble. The player who doesn't pop last wins!

A great sensory toy for those long stay-at-home days, break times, or car-rides. Once you start, you can't stop! It's so popping-ly good.

Each package includes: 
- 1 piece of Fidget Pop™
4.92" X 4.92" X 0.59"
12.5cm X 12.5cm X 1.5cm
- 100% kids-safe silicone material
- Easy to clean with soap and water
- Satisfaction guaranteed