Super Smash Table Tennis

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Super Smash™ - Retractable Table Tennis Net that Packs Endless Stay-Home Fun!

Move it. Swing it. SMASH IT!
Staying at home doesn't have to be boring.

Simply snap the net on almost ANY Table and get your table tennis rackets ready – and let the fun begin!

Super Smash™ Table Tennis Net is built to inspire kids to train and stimulate their minds early in life – in a fun, fun, fun way! 

Stay-home safe & keep fit. Learn a new sport! 

Super Smash™ Table Tennis Net Features:

  • The perfect STAY-HOME KEEP-FIT activity for kids to improve hand-eye coordination, stimulate creativity while burning calories- there's no limit to what they can do!
  • Lightweight and portable - Ready to go on almost ANY table! Simply pull them apart and snap on
  • Effective as a Fidget or Stress activity for kids, even moms and dads
  • Trains Fine Motor Skills & Strengthens their Hand-Grip
  • Adjustable Length - expands up to 190cm!
  • Spring Clip System for lightning fast setup. No more waiting. Just keep playing! 
  • Ideal as a gift for all ages

Super Smash™ Table Tennis Net loves being pulled and used. That's where the fun begins! Crazy games, super smash. Highly-interactive especially during this stay-home season. 

No more iPads. Lesser screen-time. Only...

Move it. Swing it. SMASH IT! 

Super Smash™ is always up to create fun, healthy memories for the whole family. Anytime anyday!

Simply pull it, Snap it and GAME ON. 

Suitable for all ages.