"The Busy-Parent's Guide To Keeping Kids Occupied While You Breeze Through Your Day!"

2,345 parents love the activities in this e-book

  • 6 Play-Activities that are Proven to Keep Children Engrossed - While you finish your work task, chore, or just sneak in a power nap!

  • Special Conversational "Learning Points" that allows you to connect with your child once you’re ready to. Sneaky education points they don't know they are learning, all while having fun!

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About Gravity Main

At Gravity Main, we believe in giving our kids adventures, not things. So they have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

Allowing them the freedom and space they require to create unforgettable memories that’ll positively impact their lives!

We believe that using playtime to educate kids and encourage them to be independent will make them better people, happier and more successful in life.

Studies have shown that children who are more socially aware tend to learn faster and have better academic skills. They are also more self-aware logically and emotionally, which means parents spend less time to discipline, and more time having fun with the kids.

We can do this by creating a world where kids can explore their imagination and reach for the stars, to create happy childhood memories that they can remember for a long time to come.

Gravity Main - Empowering Parents, Empowering Kids.

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2,345 parents love the activities in this e-book

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