We believe in giving our kids adventures, not things. So they have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

Allowing them the freedom and space they require to create unforgettable memories that’ll positively impact their lives!

As kids, we were given lots of freedom by our parents to explore and see the world with our own eyes. The days of free-range childhood, where we get to spend hours outside playing in local parks, building forts, fording streams and climbing trees.

Sadly in today’s world… those have been mostly replaced by video games, television, tablets,
And fears of safety, stopping some of us from letting our children roam free and explore.

Research has shown that over consumption of digital activities can lead to issues such as child solitary, increased health issues, lack of focus which leads affects learning abilities, or even depression related problems.

That's how GravityMain was born…

We believe that encouraging kids to be independent will make them better people, and in turn, better adults later in life.

Studies have shown that children who are more socially aware tend to learn faster and have better academic skills. They are also more self-aware logically and emotionally, which means parents spend less time to discipline, and more time having fun with the kids.

We can do this by creating a world where kids can explore their imagination and reach for the stars, to create happy childhood memories that they can remember for a long time to come.

Gravity Main - Empowering Parents, Empowering Kids.