5 Clever Activities for Kids - So that You can Chill!

1. Busy Books on Pinterest

Check out the busy books that they have on Pinterest - They’re so darling and adorable, they can also give you at least 15 minutes of free time if you need!

Search for no sew books like the one from "Uplifting Mayhem".

2. Ice Cubes

My little ones love playing with ice cubes. Whether no matter what season it is, I just need to give them bowls, ice cubes, cups, and spoons and they can go to town for a good 20 minutes!

3. Dance Party

When you need a time out, it’s tempting to sit all day and stay in the house, but that’s not healthy. Instead, why not check out some videos on youtube and have a dance party?

If you have little ones under 4 years old, check out Startoon on youtube, and give your some distraction-free time while your little one has fun running around!

4. Building Blocks or Puzzles

Use a visual timer or hourglass and give your little one some quiet activities like a busy book, file folders, puzzles, or building blocks and see if you can get at least 20 minutes of solid relaxation time.

5. Scissors

If you have older children – 4 or 5 year olds – grab some paper and scissors! I can be in the kitchen getting supper ready, and when I turn around I see my son snipping away on a scrap of paper.

It gave me an idea that if I gave him paper to cut, this could occupy her time with this indoor toddler activity – and give me kid-free down time or cooking time!

Do you have any other activity ideas? Share with us in the comments below!

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