4 Nature-Loving Earth Month Activities for Kids

Celebrating Earth Month is a great way to foster conscientiousness in kids. Inspiring a love for nature isn't just great for emotional development, it also develops their cognitive skills as they get connected with how things work. You'd be surprised at how much they can learn in a single activity!

1. Planting Seeds

Plant seeds indoors and take a close look at just how plants work, and what they need to grow. Then transfer them to the garden and cultivate through the season!

2. Make a Green Photo Frame

Make a photo frame together with your child using recycled materials - branches, leaves, magazine pages, dried flowers - anything you can think of!

3. Leaf Painting

Image: Flickr

Paint some cool patterns on fallen leaves and talk about just how beautiful nature is. A fun activity they’ll love for hours!

4. Composting

Make a compost pile in your backyard. Dig a little hole and place scraps like apple cores and orange peels in (avoid dairy products, or raw meat). Cover it with dry leaves and leave it to compost. After a few weeks, use it as fresh fertilizer for new plants!

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