How to Spark Your Child's Passion in Photography

By: Gravity Main

Our kids see the world through a unique lens. It has purity in it, and their imagination is fundamentally different from that of adults. Putting a camera in the hands of a child might help us discover how they perceive life, in contrast with the adult perspective. How can we inspire kids to love photography? They need to experiment and have fun while at it since it’s photography is meant to inspire their imagination.

It's All About Perspective
Parents need to teach their kids to shoot from various perspectives, for example, up high, down low. The kids need to get in close or step back for a wide-angle shot by using the zooming feature. Parents can teach their kids how to move around while shooting from different sides. There are different exposure modes on a basic camera, and experimenting with these settings can do the trick.

Awesome Images
To enhance an image, the kids need to check out the background of a shot so that they can assess the clutter or distraction. Parents need to teach their kids to scan the background and foreground and set their framing if there are too many distractions. If they don’t do that, the shots will include all kinds of objects growing out of heads.

Handling the Camera like a Pro
Children do not have a clear sense of positing; they need to hold the camera straight, so the best solution is to teach your kids to check the framing of their shot before they hit the shutter. It is safe to assume that not every child intuitively knows how to hold a camera, so its recommended if the parents educate them to take clear, shake-free images for years to come. Since taking pictures is a new skill for the kids, so parents should encourage them to take as many shots as they can and store only the improved ones.

Objects to Focus On
It is also normal that children can focus on buildings or people, so its best if we teach them to focus on the main things. If the building is essential, don’t let your child focus on the people when he takes pictures. This can be done by teaching them a visual point of interest which they need to identify before hitting the shutter button

Easy Rule of Thirds
A simple rule that we can teach kids is the rule of thirds, which helps them to identify the point of interest and to capture them in the shot. Also, teach your kids how to press the shutter halfway down to focus and then to frame the shot while still holding it down, and they’ll have a skill that they’ll use forever. Of course, deciding which of the above lessons for kids on photography to teach your child will depend upon their age and experience. The takeaway here is that some are obviously more appropriate for some children than others; however, no matter how your kids take photos, always review shots with them.

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