Kwikeep™ - X-Large Quick-Toy-Storage Bag / Playmat (Bricks Not Included)

$45.95 $91.90
The perfect quick-storage bag for small toys! We know how picking up toy bricks, cars, or other miniature toy items after the kids can be such a pain. We've been there! Kwikeep™ is handmade to solve this once and for all, easy! 
  • Defined Play Area - Kids have a specific area that they can keep their items in. What's more, after playing, it's easy to have them put every back into the bag, and then just zip, and go!
  • Style + Functionality - Measures 15.6" tall with a 13.7" diameter. The attached 59" durable play mat keeps toys contained. To clean up, lift the mat and simply pull the sides to store everything within the mat.
  • Made to Last - Kwikeep™ is made by parents, for parents, to ensure that it keeps your little one's toys safe and organized - for years to come!