CoCoon™ Baby's Sleeping Nest

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CoCoon™️ is the original baby's sleeping nest. It keeps your child well-cushioned and snuggled up so they can sleep for hours on end - This means more rest for you! It is specially designed to imitate the comfort of mommy's womb so your infant feels well protected. That's why our fans love CoCoon so much!

It is truly a design by parents, for parents! Here's what CoCoon features:

  • Bionic design that mimics mommy's womb, it snugs your baby, so they feel secure and reduces their natural startle reflex. This helps them to sleep through the night (or till the next feeding time) without interruptions!
  • Specifically suited for babies with trouble napping, or sleeping.
  • Super comfort, permeable material makes it easy for babies to fall asleep when you place them in - no more carrying your infant and trying to cajole them to sleep!
  • Increase baby's safety by 90% by allowing you to co-sleep with them
  • With baby right beside, you can easily soothe them to sleep if they wake up
  • Makes breastfeeding or bottle feeding 80% more convenient
  • 100% Safe for infants - Hypoallergenic, organic, and non-toxic. It is also machine washable.
  • Grows with your baby - Loosen the bottom strap when your baby gets older to allow them to lie fully in CoCoon! Safely use this from newborn up to 36 months!
  • Lightweight makes it easy to bring on the go!

With CoCoon, sleepless nights with your baby will be a thing of the past! Our highly permeable materials and specially curated design ensures that your baby sleeps soundly, no matter what environment they are in. No other sleeping products can match CoCoon's safety standards and comfort for your baby!

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