Tutto™ Erasable Drawing Pad

Unleash your child's creativity with Tutto™! Our erasable felt tip, odorless, non-toxic chalk markers allows kids of any age to easily use them anywhere.

Drawings are easily erased using any damp cloth or napkin - no mess there!

Tutto™ is specially designed to reduce wastage of drawing on paper, yet exposing your kids to drawing using colored markers to allow them to expand their imagination.

Tutto Features:

  • A mess-free drawing pad that is reusable many times over! Simply clean with any damp cloth or wet wipes, and you're all set!
  • Non-toxic, odorless liquid chalk that lets kids learn to draw and color - there's no limit to what they can do!
  • Drawing from a young age encourages them to express themselves, their emotions, which in turn helps with developing their emotional intelligence.
  • Helps to develop fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. The more they practice, the better!
  • Drawing also encourages visual awareness, which can help increase their concentration skills, and general awareness of depth and volume of objects.
  • For Age 3-12 and beyond!

Nothing comes close to Tutto™ for an easy to use, non-toxic drawing/coloring kit! It is highly portable and allows your child to explore their creativity endlessly - erase the page with a damp cloth and sketch again. It's so much fun!