SnapMag™ - Colored Magnetic Sticks & Balls STEM Toy for Kids - US

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SnapMag™ set is a collection of magnetic sticks and steel balls that can be used to create varied shapes and colorful 3D models.
1. Train children's hand-eye coordination
2. Improve the children's intelligence IQ
3. Cultivate children's emotion and stable EQ
4. Children and teachers perfect teaching and learning tool
5. Inspire children's imagination and various potential creativity
6. Cultivate children's lubricious feeling, stereo feeling and the sense of achievement

It is a timeless-classic built into the Perfect STEM teaching activity! It combines the imaginative fun of construction play while boosting cognitive and motor skills!

Let their imaginations run wild while they build. They not only choose what they will play (with), but also how to play and which tools to use during their playtime. Give kids a sense of empowerment and control over their imagination and ingenuity.

SnapMag™ Features:
  • The Original SnapMag - Includes over 60, 150, 360 interconnecting sticks and balls for endless fun!
  • The magnetic sticks clicks together with the steel balls easily for ages 4 and up 
  • Child safe - BPA, lead, heavy metal, and phthalate FREE! Compliant with ASTM US CPSIA safety regulations
  • Develops spatial intelligence and thinking - A great solo or collaborative group activity for school classrooms, Makerspaces, Montessori, daycares, libraries, or home!
  • Countless design possibilities and hours of skill building play - Engineers, Inventors and Scientists Start Here!

SnapMag™ is an indispensable part of your child’s toy collection! It fits their little hands perfectly and combines fun while promoting healthy child developments. SnapMag™ doesn’t just help your child to grow, it grows with them! 

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Suitable for any child (or big child) 4 years - 99 years.

Each Package includes:

- 60 / 150 / 360 Kids-safe magnetic sticks and balls
- Comes in random color assortment