9 Fun Activities for Your Preschooler Even When You Are Tired Out

Just when you think that now your baby is finally a preschooler and will now be easy to handle reality check hits. Your toddler is now more curious than ever about things. He likes to stay awake for longer periods, and putting him to a nap is no piece of cake. 

But the preschool years are also when your kid will pick up good/bad habits, start adding new words to his vocabulary, and is eager to learn and play. In fact, three years need your special attention, focus, and energy because they are now ready for pre-schooling, and planning fun yet educational activities for them is extremely important to channel all their energy and hyperactivity. Here we have come up with nine fun activities for your preschooler, which you can try even when you are tired out.

    • Play with clay: Not only is this activity fun, but it also helps children to polish their sensory and motor skills. Just give him his favorite colored dough or clay and a picture of his favorite animal. Help him imitate the shape.
    • Build a fort with pillows and blankets: This activity is ideal for children from the 2-5year-old age group. It helps you to bond with your kid. And who knows, he might be willing to take a nap in the fort you guys just made together.
    • Do a puzzle: One of my personal favorite pre-schooling activities that help your kid to figure out different shapes. A 30-piece jigsaw animal puzzle is ideal for a 2-5year-old.
    • Give toys a bath: Fill a sink with water and soap and ask your baby to bath his favorite toys. This fun activity instills cleaning habits in your child, which will be very useful as he grows up.
  • Water the plants: If you have an outdoor garden or indoor space where you have kept plants, ask your child to water the plants. It’s also a great activity for him to bond with nature. You can even buy him his favorite watering can that he loves to water with.
  • Color together: Coloring pages with your kids' favorite characters is what kids look forward to. You can purchase a coloring book from your nearest book shop, or you can even print your kid's favorite cartoon characters at home and ask them to color with chunky crayons.
  • Play tea-party or doctor-patient: You and your preschooler's favorite stuffed toys are more than welcome at your kid's tea party. Kids love to serve their toys, tea, and biscuits. You can also buy him a toy doctors’ set and play doctor-patient with him.
  • Storytelling: You can either ask your kid to use his imagination and tell you a story, or you can read him his most liked storybook. Either way, you and your kid are going to have so much fun!
  • Reach for an open-ended toy: Toys that encourage exploration, and have more than one way of playing are great for sparking kids' imagination, and keeping them occupied. Check out Gravity Main's Open-Ended Toys section for ideas that might just be the perfect activity!

    These nine activities are great for your kid's learning, and pre-schooling and some of them will also help your preschooler polish his motor skills and use his imagination.

    What are some of your favorite activities? Are there any activities that you like and we've missed out on? Share it with us in the comments!

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