How to Choose the Best Educational Toys

Select toys that match your child’s interests and abilities

At first, this might take some trial and error. First, expose your child to different types of activities. Then match toys accordingly such as alphabet blocks if your child likes building as this will help their development with letter and sound recognition. Make sure that the toys you select are age-appropriate as you want them to challenge your child without them getting bored.

Look for toys that promote heuristic play

Heuristic play is the sensory exploration of ‘everyday items’ that encourage the child to understand the real world. For example, toys like a kids camera or kids binocluars can allow the child to explore photography or bird watching. Most heuristic toys are open-ended, which means the possibilities of what the child can do are endless!

Choose toys that promote social skills and collaborative play

You want to be encouraging your children to be as social as possible from an early age as this contributes greatly to self-confidence, communication and interaction in later life. Toys like building blocks, magnetic builders allow you to teach your children to share, take turns and essential skills such as negotiation and compromise. As your children grow, they’ll also learn different developmental skills such as teamwork and problem-solving.


The best educational toys keep their attention for hours, offers opportunities for family bonding, and will make great impact in their lives. That's why playtime isn't just about fun, it's all about the small moments that make the big difference!

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