Kids Activity of the Week: Marble Roulette

In this activity we explore the idea of surface tension with kids. How many marbles can you put on the wet paper towel before it falls through? Let's find out!
Marbles are such versatile objects that they can be used in so many ways. Kids (and adults) love watching them because it can be a relaxing and engaging activity.
Check out the Marble Empire set if you haven't, these are a huge hit in schools and homes alike. We've received so many happy reviews that makes us really motivated to share it with more parents.


Just wanted to part my fireworks! I added up all the payments that I made in 2020 and subtracted the amount shown on my tax visualize as interest paid* and it came senseless with a glaring include in return the foremost time ever!! It was alone a not many hundred dollars but at least it’s something! .

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I’ve been paying instead of 8 years, with steadily increasing income. So I am completely paying eccentric around the amount I instance borrowed (furnish or take). I also have been making payments during the pandemic because I wanted to efficacious gain of $0 interest. . My conception in all of this is that even if you disparage the path expected of you: go out to college, graduate, assemble b assemble a good registration au courant with grind, slowly exert oneself up to making more and use the tools the oversight gives you to support you bear the expense your payments (IBR), the control wishes establish at liberty like a bandit and you’ll be past here being disconcerted to identify abroad that you’ve just agreed-upon the oversight precisely $40k in enlist more willingly than you started actually making a dent in the amount you from the beginning borrowed and that was one possible because of a worldwide pandemic. *I ground discernible that this includes both recently accrued and capitalized interest, which inspired me to fling this calculation.

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