Through the Lens of Little Photographers

It can be rather fascinating when you give a camera to a child. The type of shots that they take might surprise many of us. Kids look at the world in a different way that adults do. Of course, we shouldn't expect every child to have a creative flair right off the bat. But it does gives us a perspective of their view of the world!

Here are some photos that we thought would be nice to share. We've compiled these from all around. Feel free to let us know your thoughts!

Jacce, 10-year old. Windmill up the slope.

Dylan, 6-year old. Mom and Dad with the Jaguar.

Jacce, 10-year old. My pet, shyly basking in the sun.

Junjun, 9-year old. This was taken on a Palm Sunday.

Sophie Vela, 14-year old. In the wind.

Dylan, 8-year old. I see you, Tube Man.

Little Photographer, 8-year old. Trainspotting on weekend with Dad.

Little Photographer, 5-year old. My Doll's house tiny balcony, isn't it cute?

Dylan, 8-year old. A busker.

Dylan, 6-year old. As gloomy as it can be, nothing stops us from playing Frisbee.

Jacce, 10-year old. Clear waters on a small river bridge in Sweden.

 Little Photographer, 5-year old. Baby mouse in the bath.

Now of course, not everyone would want their little ones to be handling an expensive Nikon, Canon or Leica. If you already have a JoyLens Pro, you’ll know just how easy it is for your child to get used to holding a miniature camera. If you have not, or are thinking of getting another, why not check it out here:

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